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But my red barrettes make my hair laugh

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27th August 2009

10:20pm: Neighbours
I was reminded today that it has been a long time since I "blogged"...here we go.

Since I lived in Calgary, our neighbours to the right of us have been two old, flabby, pissed off lesbians.  They complained about the dog barking, the music being too loud or having too many people over at night.  They also complained that we often parked in "their parking spot" which I'm not sure if they realized but, we live on a free parking street...no one has a marked spot, it's pretty much first come first serve.  We didn't talk or see them much, only if they were at our door complaining OR suntanning half naked in their back yard...which is how I know that they are both flabby.  

A couple months ago we saw a "place for rent" sign on their lawn.  I was most excited.  Sitting on our stoop, I watched cute young couples view the place and hope that I would find a kindred spirit in one of them.  Or at least non-flabby/angry people.  One night, I watched a young couple move all of their stuff into the house.  Since I was sitting outside, I smiled and was about to introduce myself but everytime I said hello, they would look up at me, look down and walk away.  The other morning I saw the girl ride off to work on her bike, I tried to say goodmorning...she either didn't hear me or didn't care.  I discovered the other day that both of them do not really speak any English.  My quest for new friends was shattered.  They keep to themselves mostly but I'm always curious to find out new things about them.  We after all share a fence.  So far I've learned they are foreign, very green (looks like they're pants are made out of hemp) and do not own a vehicle.  Tonight I saw a very strange thing.  A man coming in and out of their house with mini coolers (like the ones medics use to carry hearts and organs to different hospitals)...I now think perhaps they sell they're organs on the black market.  Perhaps their house is the main head quarters.


My original point of this entry was about neighbours.  I remeber when I was a kid where everyone knew their neighbours.  Where you could run in and out of backyards, and talk over fences, or chat before going to work/school.  If you forgot your key, you could run next door and hang out for a couple hours until someone came home.  What happened to those neighbours?  The neighbours that would shovel your snow or mow your lawn after taking care of their own.   I suppose they exist somewhere...
Current Mood: contemplative

18th July 2009

11:53pm: my view on summer
There are many things I love about our house.  We have a lot of space: three bedrooms, a basement, lots of storage, backyard etc for a steal of a deal.  We have a nice neighborhood mostly made up of young families and people in their mid twenties, it is not overly rowdy but if someone was to get rowdy, people do not complain.  We're ten minutes or less away from a grocery store, a basic mall, and some bars etc.  Close to the C-Train and about a 15 minute drive to downtown (pending no traffic). 

There are many things I tolerate about our house.  It's ugly...brown shag carpeting, old linoleum, yellow kitchen counter tops, wood paneling in the basement and of course there is the special orange leather/pleather bar.  I'm okay that we have mismatching furniture, a mix of ikea, ex-roomates stuff left behind and free couches from craigslist.  I can tolerate that there are no outlets in the bathroom to plug in my hair dryer ect.  I'm okay that if you use too many appliances in the kitchen at one time, a fuse will blow.   

However...there is one thing I cannot stand about our house.  We have no air-conditioning.  Now after living for most of my life in Markham, in a house where the A/C is on all summer...it is really difficult to go to no A/C at all.  I'm going to say that there are about 10 windows in our house total.  Only one of them on the main floor opens, which doesn't seem like a big deal in the fall/winter/spring months, but when Calgary gets up to 30+ degrees, it is cause for concern. 

As I sit here merely typing this entry my arms are sweaty and sticking to the surface of my desk.  I've had two fans blowing, all the blinds and curtains closed, and every window opened all day.  But it is still sauna like right now. 

Right now I can think of two options....either blow $400+ on a movable a/c unit OR pitch our tent in the backyard...

Current Mood: hot

19th June 2009

10:50pm: The positives of being sick in bed for 7 days straight
1) TV on DVD marathons.  I slept through/watched parts of Gilmore Girls seasons 4 and 5, Degrassi TNG season 4, the original 90210 season 3 and Magnum P.I. season 3.

2) Not being able to taste food.  I think I've lost about 5lbs as I had no desire to eat until later this evening.

3) Not being stressed from work.  I went to work on Thursday for four hours and they sent me home, I did not think of what I had to do or hadn't done all week and that was wonderful.

4) Stephen.  is...amazing!  Best care-taker-of-sick-girlfriend EVER!  I always had a supply of halls, lotion kleenex, vicks, and drugs.  He also bought me a lottery card, magazines and croissants. 

This all being said I'm pretty ass bored with being sick and I decided that I'm healthy now...and that's that.  Stupid immune system.

Also this is possibly the best thing ever:
Current Mood: bored

8th May 2009

6:23pm: The night I attempted to make a pizza...from scratch!
I'm no idiot...I know how to cook.  I'm not one of those people who are completely clueless in the kitchen.  I actually used to be quite the baker/cook when I was younger.  Though tonight I attempted to make a pizza from scratch....it didn't go very well.

First I forgot to cover the dough to rise.  I left it on the counter and waited...waited...waited...and it didn't rise.  It was then I realized and read the instructions...oh yah, cover and put in a warm place.  

After the dough rose, I put some flour on my hands and took the dough out of the bowl and and put in on the pan.  I must have really greased the pan well b/c the ball of dough kept slipping and sliding.  Eventually I got it spread nicely but it still kept sticking too much to my fingers.  So I decided to grab a bunch of flour and dust it over the pizza.  Problem is I grabbed too much.  My pizza dough had "pot holes" of flour all over it...so thinking on my feet I blew on the dough (I hope I don't have a cold!) and flour went everywhere...all over me and the kitchen.  That was the first of many messes.

Steve had bought sliced salami and pepperoni and decided to freeze it a couple days earlier (just in case it went bad). After I let it thaw out I opened the package and noticed how slimey the meat was from extra water....so thinking on my feet I tried to drain it over the sink.  The meat slid out and fell into the sink...ew.

This is when I decided to be creative and brush olive oil on the dough and sprinkle some Italian seasonings...I had done this before but I seemed to have forgotten a step...cook the dough a bit then spread the oil.  I poured the oil onto the dough and it just sat in the middle.  I tried to brush it around but the dough started to stick to the brush and leave holes...I tried my best but most of the oil pooled in the middle.

After the Italian seasonings were sprinkled on, I started the pour the sauce.  However I turned my head to catch something interesting I had just heard on the news....before I knew it the whole can had emptied onto the dough.  Now this wasn't one of those little mini pizza sauce cans, this was as big as a soup can.  I tried my best to spoon off excess sauce into the sink...another mess.

I forgot to mention that I couldn't find Mozarella cheese...so my pooled-oil, too saucy, slimey sink meat, cheddar cheese pizza is now baking in the oven.  

And that is the story about the night I attempted to make a pizza from scratch
Bon Apetite!!
Current Mood: optimistic

30th December 2008

5:45pm: So Long 2008
 2008 was a good year...a year of many changes.  I think it was definately the year I started to really live my life.  Let's remember shall we....

I spent the early part of January in Newfoundland stuck in a snow storm that forced my Christmas flight to back to TO be bumped a week later.  I did feel bad calling into work on Jan.2nd to let them know I wouldn't be coming in until the 9th.  But it really worked out great.  Extra time with Steve and his family when all the holiday madness was over, it was nice to relax, eat too much and chill out.  When I came back to reality, it was all business as usual at Glow...and planning to move out in the spring.

I think the highlight of February for me was the unbirthday party night.  I came downtown and Kelly and I got together for "Sandwiches in a Box" and tea.  We listened to music, talked about boys, and so on.  Then took the streetcar up to Zoe's place and had some wine, burnt brownies, dance party, and actual rockband playing.  I really miss that.

Highlight was Easter in Calgary.  Spent as much time with the boy as possible, checked out my soon to be new digs.  Met new roommates, met new city.  

April I spent saving money, getting things in order, figuring out how to move across provinces.  Spent time with family and friends.  

BIG MOVE!  Quit my job, packed up all my stuff, cleared out my room, said a sad goodbye to friends and family....especially my parents.  Steve flew down for his bday and spent some time with his friends that now live in the East.  Got on a jet plane and flew miles away.  Got to my new home, unpacked, decorated somewhat and didn't work until the middle of june.

Didn't work until middle of June...found what I thought to be a great place b/c it was so close to the house.  Worst job for me ever.  Bad hours really bad pay, rough people, bad uniforms...nothing good.
Ava is born!!! my bf is an uncle and i'm an aunt?? hopefully someday.

Quit horrible job, spent 2 months unemployed, blew through my savings and stayed in doors applying for jobs and waiting by the phone.  Had a couple leads but nothing turned into anything...very sad month.

Kelly visits, Ange visits and I finally get a great job with great pay, great people, no uniforms, great hours and downtown!  

WORKWORKWORK takes over my life.

WORKWORKWORK takes over my life. Also enter extreme homesickness.

same as above

Memorable lunches, new friendships, excellent work xmas party, parents visit, grandma visits, cousins visit.  Meet family I haven't seen in ten years.  Wonderful Christmas holiday.  Relaxed birthday party at my aunts.  

Wonder what 2009 will bring?????
Current Mood: thankful

9th August 2008

2:15am: caution...
 2:15am and still no sign of sleep.

I just remembered that I forgot the reason I intended to blog in the first place!  The story of the cute gross dog.

Today I found my roomate's pooch after she had knocked over the bathroom garbage can......found the (used....ew!) tampon I had discretely wrapped in several layers of toilet paper, wrappers and an old toilet paper roll......unwrapped it and left the coverings all over the den floor.....and decided it was a really great idea to chew on said used tampon.  EWWWW I had to rip the thing out of her mouth and root through the garbage to make sure this wouldn't repeat itself, clean up the den and try to remove the mental image from my brain.  I've seen her eat her own poop...gross yes but EWWW dog EWWWW!!!!! 

I'm really really REALLY glad, however, it was me that found this mess instead of my co-ed roomie.  That would have made it much worse.

2:23am....still not tired.  It's hot as shit in my room.  Even with a fan blowing on high its sauna like in here.  Being online at this time in the night is not very entertaining.  Nobody updates theyre facebook.....considering it is 4am eastern time.  Nooooobody is on msn....probably again b/c it is 4am eastern time.  I've spent the last 3 hours looking up random articles on wikipedia and playing Jewel Quest.  

Tomorrow I'm going to go see Dirty Pants movie.  Dirty Pants = Travelling Pants.  It was pointed out to me (after making a boy watch the first one) that since one of the rules of the sisterhood is to not wash the pants that the pants are probably quite germ infested.  Shared by 4 girls...1 of them participating in sexy time.  I'm sure since this second installment of the movie includes the plots of the last 3 books, those are gonna be some dirty crusty pants.  I'm pretty sure all four participate in some sexy time.  But you can't wash the magic out of the pants!  Maybe since they are magic they have some protective layer in which germs, dirt, boy/girl juices ect just slide off.  Perhaps.

2:34am....going back to playing Jewel Quest.  
peace out.
Current Mood: awake
1:15am: no sleep for mego

 I can't sleep at night anymore....

Stephen made the decision to go back in the oil patch.  I support his decision.  He really enjoys the job and the money is good and I know that if I wanted to make such a decision in my career path he would support me.  100%.  I had some time to mentally prepare myself for him to be traveling and being away for longish periods of time.   He gave a weeks notice at work...however... tuesday afternoon he got a call from a friend to do a week work 2 or 3 hours south of Calgary.  He thought it would be a good way to get his feet wet but he would have to leave that night.  He waited to talk to me first....obviously I didn't want him to go but I did want him to for his sake...so he went.  It's only been 3 days....we survived 8 months being in different provinces but these 3 days have been the longest and most painful days of it all.  I miss him like crazy and he calls me twice a day, he sounds tired and miserable...I try to sound positive but I desperately want him home. 

This is perhaps why I can't sleep.  Also I cannot seem to find a job.  I'm super super stressed out.  I've had interviews and a couple of leads but I'm still waiting.  I've probably applied to at least 5 jobs a day for the last month.  Well it will be a month on the 10th...that will be a month to the date that I stopped working.  I am still happy with my decision to quit my job, I wasn't in a good place.  But I NEED to find a job asap.  This would probably help with missing Stephen. 

I've read 9 books since my last entry about the library.  It's nice to escape. 

God I miss him.


Also I apologize to anyone I've put off in the last week or so communication wise.  I'm just lost right now...wanting to escape.  I'll be better I promise. <3

Current Mood: awake

24th July 2008

8:45pm: i lub libraries
Today I took a ride on my bike down to the Louise Riley Library about ten minutes away.  It's a tiny looking thing, smaller then all the libraries in Markham/Unionville.  But it's cute and has a grrrrrrreat selection of some of my favourite things such as:
-British Comedies/Dramas on DVD (that are realllly hard to find anywhere else)
-Musicals on DVDs like Brigadoon and Show Boat (although this time I opted for Seven Brides for Seven Brothers)
-PLAYS (it really ticks me off when a book store or library has a play selection that is limited to Death of a Salesman and a gajillion Shakesperean works.  Not to say I don't enjoy....however its nice to have some variety.)
-Mary Higgins Clark mystery novels.  I LOVE her books.  She's not a literary genius and usually her books read all the same but I love them none the less.  

So I picked up a book of Neil Simon plays, a Higgins book and Seven Brides and had a lovely bike ride home to the sounds of "Touch Me" from Spring Awakening playing on my ipod.  I'm excited to find more libraries around the city.  Apparently there is a big one downtown that is probably more like the reference library in TO.  

Everyone that I live with thinks I'm a little crazy because I like to read.  That I can spend an entire night reading a book front to back.  LOVE IT! 
Current Mood: bouncy

9th July 2008

9:30am: unemployed

I'm learning to be a little bit selfish. Since I took the job I've been really unhappy.  I felt insecure.  I kept getting calls from other companies offering me almost twice the money I was making but I kept thinking....stay at it youve made a committment.  If I left it would sort of screw them over. But I'm starting to think of me more now. Why would I stick it out?  I had terrible migrane headaches, I was feeling short of breath and a tight feeling in my chest, I was scared to go to work.  So I quit yesterday.  And gave no notice b/c I dont have to.....so why would I put myself through it.  This week I'm applying to jobs but I'm more taking the time to relax.

Yesterday I had an awsome day.  Sherry and I went shopping.  I bought a couple of cute things (stuff that I did need) and Sherry found a dress for a wedding.  We then went to Safeway (which is the greatest supermarket ever).  Yesterday was 10% off day so we bought lots of fresh fruit and dips.  We made a delicious dinner I made risotto and Sherry made chicken with tomato sauce, mushrooms, onions and garlic and parmesan cheese. MMmmmm.  We topped the night off with making chocolate chip cookies and decorating them with red, green and blue icings and fun sprinkles.

Today I'm going to be productive.  Our room is a disaster.  Clothes are everywhere but the closet, garbage is overflowing, I STILL have two boxes I haven't unpacked and the way the room is set up there is no room to sit at the desk so even my computer isnt set up yet.  So I'm going to do a million loads of laundry fold and hang all our clothes.  Pick up all the stuff on the floor, move the bed, move the desk unpack my record player (I miss it) and make this room liveable.  Also its time to put up some of my posters and pictures.  I'm excited to get moving but currently I have no motivation to get off my bed and stop watching Friends. 

I'm really starting to feel good again! Yay

1st July 2008

9:17am: Happy Canada day ....update

I haven't posted in a while. Lately I've been pretty lameo.  Just working, sleeping, hanging out with roomies ect trying to get some sort of routine. It's still really weird to be here.  Sometimes I realize I'm away but I think that I'm just in some far off section of Toronto....then I realize wow I'm a four hour plane ride away.

I'm homesick.....for everythng and everyone I try not to think about it.

It is really hot here....although this morning doesnt seem too bad.  The last couple days have been like livin in the desert.  We have no air conditioning at home (which is hard to get used to cause my mom keeps the house like an iceberg normally) annnnd there is no airconditioning at work! Brutal!

Stephen is working today.  Which really sucks b/c I really wanted to spend the day with him.  Even tho we live together and I see him when I go to bed and wake up....I still get super excited to see him whenever I can.  Super excited. 

I think today I will take some beer and a book out to the backyard and chill out....maybe go for a bike ride....or get out the record player and blast neil diamond and barbra streisand tunes hahaha (perhaps when my roomates go out).


Happy Canada Day Everyone!!

6th June 2008

10:18pm: love

as if seeing the SATC movie with my boy wasn't enough...

him: did the movie make you happy?
me: yessssssssssssssssss
him: then that's all that matters.

Current Mood: loved

3rd June 2008

1:24pm: foooooooooooooood

 Yesterday I ate A LOT.  Maybe it was boredom....and the fact that stephen kept going to the store and asking me if i "needed" anything.  I never really need anything.  But I started off the day with a frosted cinnamon roll from Timmys with a large chocolate milk.  Next for "lunch" I had a large diet coke and a bag of mint M&Ms (which by the way are pretty weird tasting but addictive).  Next I decided I was bored so I got Stephen to help me make rice krispie squares.  These were not ordinary squares, we decdied (well I decided) to put in a whole bag of marshmellows instead of half. also threw in some chocolate chips and some skor bar pieces.  Delicious.  Next  between playing guitar hero and getting ready to go to the movies...which ended up not happening.  I proceeded to eat Stephen's peanut M&Ms and rice krispie squares.  The boys got called out for work around dinner time so I made the most amazing taco pie.  Layers of ground beef with cheese and taco sauce and soft tortilla shells all baked together. Mmmmm.  I had quite a helping of that......and then a piece of apple crumble pie warmed up with a scoop of vanilla and chocolate ice cream.   And of course a final piece of the rice krispie goodness.

When I woke up this morning I thought I was going to die.  My stomach was pretty angry at me.  

Nothing much is new since the last post.  I've gotten a couple calls about jobs but haven't set up interviews yet as I am waiting to hear about another position and if it doesnt work out no problem.   Today I got a call from a company that I didn't even apply to.  They had seen my resume on Monster.  So we shall see. 

Last week was really sunny and warm.  I went for a couple walks and tanned in the backyard.  Went shopping with the boys a bunch of times and played a lot of guitar hero 3.  At first I was better then both of them but now that theyve practiced I'm falling behind. 

Time to make some lunch and wait for the telephone repair guy.


Current Mood: amused

25th May 2008

6:46pm: life changing move
So I moved to Calgary.  I'm now sitting in my bedroom that i share with my newfie boyfriend.  Slowly things are starting to be organized.  I sent four boxes thourgh Canada Post last Wednesday and they were delivered today!! A Sunday!!!  Kind of made me mad when I saw them sitting on the doorstep because I just finished unpacking my suitcases...oh well lots of time.

I don't have a job.  I have been jobless since May 12th.  I don't really want to find a job now because being unemployed while having a ton of money that had been saved away is really quite fulfilling.  I'm sure though, once Stephen goes back to work and I'm all alone I'll be crawling the walls with boredom.  

 I feel so free here.  Other then not living with my parents, I feel like I can do anything.  Have a fresh start...perhaps join something, be in a musical, the options are limitless.  I've felt for a long time that I was waiting for my life to begin.  Sitting there waiting and watching as others were living theirs.....but now its starring me in the face.  This is my life...I'm almost 25.  Time to start living!

I'm so happy.
Current Mood: full

12th May 2008

3:38pm: Packing sucks...how do you decide what to take and what not to take with you...how do you know what you'll need....how do you know what you'll miss?  ERRRRR
Current Mood: drained

8th May 2008

10:51am: My last post was 86 weeks ago...since I'm going to be making an effort to keep this current, here is what has happened in the life of mego since August 16, 2006:

-I didn't go back to school.
-I couldn't find a job anywhere and was forced to return to retail hell (Jacob).
-Was up for a promotion at Jacob but was then screwed over so quit the next day.
-Worked at Tiger.
-Drinking with boys from Tiger became new hobby.
-Messy break up with long-time (for me) boyfriend.
-New friends, old friends and karaoke.
-Summer trip to Newfoundland with ex-boyfriend and ex-family.
-Drinking, hiking, and hanging out with new boy.
-Fall in love with ex-boyfriend's, brother's, wife's, brother.
-Left Tiger for desk job at Glow.
-Fall more in love with new boy at Thanksgiving.
-Christmas trip to Newfoundland and fall more in love with bf and new family.
-Decide to move out west.
-Easter in Calgary with bf...checking out my new home.

Which brings us to now...I have 2 weeks before I leave to start a new chapter in my life. I'm quite excited really it's kind of like starting over and I've felt like for a while I've been waiting for my life to start and now it's starring me right in the face. :)
Current Mood: content

15th September 2006

9:45pm: Cedric Smith aka Uncle Alec (from Road to Avonlea) was at my work today! I couldn't believe it...the man who I used to envision being my real uncle if I was ever to live in Avonlea was at my work today!!!!! Most exciting work day ever!!!!

I really am quite obsessed with Laguna Beach now. Its such a dumb show. Everyone from there is super retarded. I actually got quite stressed out over one of the plot lines...I'm so silly but I needed some rubbish to watch. Summer tv isn't very good and my one favourite summer show is ending tomorrow. So You Think You Can Dance ends tomorrow night. I'm excited to see who wins. I'm such a loser but seriously I live in the suburbs what did you expect?
Current Mood: crazy

11th September 2006

12:41am: update
Tonight I was watching Miami Ink for a while and I saw the funniest thing. This old woman found a grilled cheese sandwhich and she found the face of the virgin mary on the top bread. So she brings in this framed sandwhich (which she's apparently sold for 20 grand) and gets a tatoo of the faced sandwhich on her boob. Funniest tatoo ever!

In other news my parents are away and I love it. My hair is black again and I love it. The longest part is past boob length and althought 2 weeks ago I had the biggest urge to cut it all off I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep it long for a while. While I still can without looking like a foolish old woman. Yay fun hair!

Tomorrow night is the first rehearsal of the choir I joined...I'm so excited!!!!!!!
Current Mood: chipper

1st September 2006

8:57am: happy september!
1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet and current street name)
Sasha Raymerville

2. YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME: (grandfather/grandmother on your moms side, your favourite candy)
Lily Licorice

3. YOUR "FLY GIRL/GUY" NAME: (first initial of first name, first two of your last name)

4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favourite color, favourite animal)
Red kitty (sounds more like a porn name to me)

5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (friends name, city where you were born)
Kelly Ajax

6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name, first 2 letters of mom's maiden name and first 3 letters of the town you grew up in.)

7. Terrorist Name: (name spelled backwards, your mom's name spelled backwards)
nahgem teragram

8.SUPERHERO NAME: ("The", your favourite color, favourite drink)
The Red Stella
Current Mood: awake

3rd August 2006

9:45am: music stealers
I haven't been on this in forever. I'm not very exciting or entertaining anymore...or was I ever? who knows.

I do have somethign to say tho. All this talk of Jessica Simpson stealing part of Madonna's Holiday song for her new single and yes it does sorta sound like it. BUT did anyone ever point out to Madonna herself that her single of her new Confessions album has the music from an ABBA song???? Didn't notice did ya....well I did. Like the pot calling the kettle black.

This by no means makes me a fan of Jessica Simpson...I actually think she has very little talent but Madonna needs to get off her high horse sometimes.
Current Mood: bored

30th June 2006

1:18pm: happy almost canada day!
I'm going to wasaga in four and a half hours woohooo.

Right now i'm watching the commentary on Garden State...never watched it with the commentary its really cool. I should be packing, cleaning my room, showering, and the whole shibang but i'll procrastinate a bit more. maybe watch some 90210 at 3.

90210 is a wikkid show i'm so glad they're playing them again...tho it is at an awkward time in the day. oh well.

anyways i need to start doing stuff
i'm so boring it hurts...more about wasaga adventures of last and this weekend coming i promise

6th June 2006

11:30am: i is boring
So it appears that I have sprained my baby toe from those damn shoes on sat/sunday. I can't walk on it and its swollen and bruised and did I mention swollen? Like its huge...gross.

I still have no internet so the boy is going to reformat my computer and make it better...aka delete everything and hopefully it will be all better.

I still haven't heard from that job guy yet and I'm starting to have sleepless nights. At least megan is somewhat taking care of it. Such a messed up situation...love the way nothing is ever easy!

Grad is just over a week away. I'm not really excited...more for the after part where I will drink myself silly.

Today I'm going to start refinishing our downstairs bathroom and then go to see The Break Up with the boy and the in-laws...haha
Current Mood: blah

4th June 2006

3:47pm: Things I learned this weekend:
-banana shots are good
-some strangers are nice
-some strangers are mean
-being awake for 24 hours is kinda cool
-high heels may look pretty but watch out footsies!
-that octagon shaped taco at taco bell is tasty
-even though Paul doesn't say that he cares for me out loud...he'll aways be there to catch me when i fall
-theres no place like home

and boys are stupid and mean and inconsiderate and scared and lame... Hope you are feeling better today Zoe.
Current Mood: groggy

3rd June 2006

10:21am: I have no internet. But I do have Origami yay!

16th May 2006

10:23pm: If it rains I don't work....and so today after reading half of a self help book (Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples...yah i'm cool) I decided to stop putting off planning my future. After school was done I just had enough of thinking and being stressed out but today I was soooo bored and decided that maybe I should start looking at things so I won't be in school until i'm 30.

Anyways I found out a ton. I researched all the schools in Ontario about what credentials I should have and are "recommended" to have to get into teachers college so I don't have to pay a million dollars to do it in the US. I also found a couple of programs to finish my undergrad in which is exciting. There is even a program I can apply to for September '06 which would be fab...though I'm not sure if I want to do that program but I figure whats the harm in applying. The only thing that made me in a not so grand mood was the fact that to get into a undergrad program at Guelph that i'm interested in I have to have an OAC or grade 12 equivilant of Bio and Calculus....just the subjects that I royally suck at..that I didn't take in highschool for a reason. So I think I'm starting an online corespondance of the Bio in July but we'll see about the math.

In other news, grad is coming up and I need a dress! I'm definatly gonna find something totally funky and cute that I can wear all the time vs my bridesmaid dress that I was gonna wear. Someone want to help me....*cough Ange cough cough* hehe

Today I listened to my rainy day mix....
J'y Suis Jamais Alle - Amelie Soundtrack
Lover's Spit - Broken Social Scene
Books Written for Girls - Camera Obscura
Cannonball - Damien Rice
Miss Misery - Elliot Smith
Let It Die - Feist
Such Great Heights - Iron and Wine
Happy - Jenny Lewis
Don't Back Down on Me Now - Jim Guthrie
Sleep in Peace - Matthew Barber
California - Phantom Planet
Nobody Loves Me - Portishead
Even So - Rachael Yamagata
Keepsake - The Frames
Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap
Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Now I will go and read the rest of my self help book that is actually quite interesting.
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10th May 2006

9:41pm: When meghan drives cube vans she hits construction street signs and drives away very quickly.

please please please let it not rain tomorrow!!!! i really need to start working
Current Mood: okay
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